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Planning a religious ceremony can seem complex, especially if it’s your first time planning a liturgy. Online planning offers many advantages over paper planning. Our goal is to make things as simple as possible, while still offering you all of the options available in the Catholic Wedding Liturgy.

We’ll guide you through a clear, step-by-step process to help you plan a Catholic wedding that is beautiful, memorable and faithful to Catholic tradition. And we’ll configure your options according the unique recommendations of the priest or deacon working with you. Click here to see a sample. Click here to see another sample.

When you have finished making your selections, we'll generate a summary printout of your whole ceremony. This comes in a format that is easy to print and share with family and friends. Click here to see a sample ceremony printout.

Have fun! As you review your options, our website encourages you both to note your own thoughts, and even rate your preferences. See which texts you both prefer, and reflect on the texts together.

Congregational programs – We take the hassle out of preparing a printed program. Once you’ve made your selections online, you're just a few clicks away from turning them into a beautiful program for your guests, at prices that are comparable to any professional printer. You have enough to do at this busy time in your life. Let us give you one less thing to worry about; free up your time for more important things – like relaxing with your betrothed. Click here to see a sample congregational program.


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